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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Creepy Lurkers Need Not Apply

Since March 2011, I'd estimate I've asked more than a thousand questions here. Here are a few of the most common reasons people have told me - mostly offline - why the overwhelming majority of my questions have gone unanswered:

*  "I don't want to sound ..." (fill in the blank with an adjective of your choice, although most people are not kind to themselves.)

*  "Your questions are too hard OR ... too weighty OR ... too personal."  

*  "I prefer to lurk on your blog and remain anonymous." (OK, that reason isn't really "common" but it is something more than one person has said and also a little creepy so I included it here.)

Today's reflection - in the form of the three questions below - is squarely aimed at eliciting comments or responses from any reader that has used some variation on reason #1 or #2 above. Ready reticent readers?

* How long do you typically wait before discarding that sock that doesn't have a match?

* What is your record for longest retained jar of mustard in your refrigerator?

* Approximately how many pens and pencils would you guess are in your residence at present? 

Except for those creepy lurkers, I expect to be inundated with answers to this reflection.   


  1. Hello Pat. A very funny post. I found myself smiling a few times while reading it. And not just because I see myself in the things you list. Anyway, here I go ...
    I don't want to sound neurotic but I will hold onto a single sock for weeks and months because I know that one day another single sock will present itself resulting in a 'new pair' of socks. They're usually close enough in color and style to get away with it.
    As for mustard jars ... Back when I was single, I have had mustard jars in my fridge for so long that they have rusted shut and are unable to be opened without the use of a pair of pliers. Why didn't I just get rid of it, you may ask? Well, I had to open it to see if it's able to be used. And I did use it sometimes. Can't have a Hot Dog without mustard, right?
    And, lastly, I don't want to sound like a hoarder, but I have more pens, pencils, pads, pushpins and paperclips than any one household would ever need. In my defense, however, most of this came home with me when I retired a few years ago. Strange that a number of the pens no longer work but I don't throw them away. And, for some unknown reason, I don't have rubber bands or string. Despite needing these things from time to time, I haven't bought any.
    But, I'm still smiling ...
    Be well,

    1. "Anonymous" Bob; I'm sorry to say you've now given me yet another reason to not discard those errant socks that somehow keep appearing. A new pair by matching two of them, huh? Nice. As for opening that antique mustard jar with pliers? Why not? Glad I gave you a laugh. Thanks for the comment.