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Friday, May 27, 2011

Searching For Greener Cyber Pastures

I surrender.

After frustrating many people who've tried to comment on my blog since I began 10 weeks ago, late last night was the coup-de-grace; all of my followers disappeared as I was writing! I live with one of those followers, so I know this was yet another glitch on blogspot, not a case of mass abandonment. As I search for greener cyber pastures, I will keep posting here only until I'm up on a better hosting site; then I migrate. I hope you will migrate with me. At this point, my two best prospects are posterous.com and WordPress.com but please stay tuned - the change is coming soon (music fans - do you hear Sam Cooke singing?)

Because I know how precious time is, I appreciate anyone taking the time to read, let alone follow this blog. So, I'm not happy making this change. The response I got from the start caused me to unduly postpone making a switch even though the comment feature is so glitchy. I also got lost in the sauce of the cool stats blogspot provides and forgot my real purpose - building a community of conversation. With the stinko comment feature here, I can't do that. So, onto greener cyber pastures. We'll see what happens.

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  1. pat ,all i did was start a google account and it worked fine.Dan