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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Trap Of Rational Lies

Ever notice how the the word rationalize sounds identical to the words rational lies? I don't believe it's possible for anyone, on or off the bell curve, to avoid rationalizing from time to time. Coping could be very difficult if we did not occasionally tell ourselves some rational lies.

One of my struggles is identifying when I've moved from benign rationalizing to more indulgent inaction. In other words, am I indulging in the luxury of doing nothing because I've told myself anything I do won't make a difference in the world? It's easy to get there. We are each assaulted 24/7 with news & information, often accompanied by horrific visuals. And, the mental health field has assisted us by providing us with the term "compassion fatigue" - a label that helps make the rational lies go down easier; what a trap.

My way out of that trap? Trying to continually remind myself that doing something is always better than doing nothing & paying close attention to when I've moved from rationalizing to inaction. Your way?  


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  1. Read non fiction and in particular stories about non famous people that made a huge difference in the world-especially children who don't rationalize their way out of an idea for change. Pray earnestly that God shows you the way to have an impact and opens opportunities for you. Be still and feel the prompting of the way you should go and what you should do. Remember too, that you will know you are on the right path when the 'world' (your world) conspires to help you without you asking for help. Belive in a higher power and seek distinction and discernment between rest/rejuvenation and inaction.