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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why Not?

While driving and reflecting on a recent personal encounter, I glanced at the inspection sticker in my car window and I thought why not?

Why couldn't there be a process where people had to have an annual civility inspection? If someone failed, they get a red sticker they have to wear and get re-inspected within a month. If they don't get re-inspected in time and are caught being uncivil they get fined. Why not?

Who does the inspections, you ask? All of us know people who are rarely uncivil to others; these same people are often the same ones who don't talk trash behind other people's backs. One of the followers of this blog, a friend of mine for many years, is one of them. Let's give the job to people like this. I know I'm not qualified, how about you? And being subject to an annual inspection could be just the thing to help me get my act together. What do you think? Why not? 

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