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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Introducing Mr. Id

Since I've now been blogging several weeks (and recently got my lucky 13th follower!), it's time to make an occasional post using an alter-ego. With apologies to both the "horse of a horse" from the 60's TV show and Mr. Freud, today I am introducing Mr. Id; caveat emptor. Before bringing Mr. Id to life, some thoughts re risk.

* I realize Mr. Id could help me Iose some or all of my followers, although I suspect the subset of 4 from that group of 13 who are family wouldn't abandon me quite as quickly. Actually, aside from my wife, I'm not at all sure how often my other three family followers actually read this. And, one of my sisters and my brother aren't followers; neither are any of my nieces (my nephews are too young). If they were still alive, I'm not sure my parents would be either. So, this is probably a low level risk.  
* But then Mr. Id could alienate those lurking on the fringes of the blog, or reading occasionally, or viewing (but not actually reading) the postings. Because the lurkers, occasional readers, and non-reading viewers are all contributing to my site stats, the risk of alienating this group would be in seeing my numbers diminish and along with that, my inflated sense of myself. Bottom line: Higher risk with this 2nd group.
* Clearly, I run a high risk introducing Mr. Id if this scenario occurs: Suppose somebody decides to try this blog for the very first time on a day I post as my alter ego (like today) vs. on a day when I'm my usual charming, non-offensive, obsequious self i.e. the blogger who wants approval? Surely, those first time readers would flee, never to become followers, lurkers, etc., right? Could Mr. Id wink perhaps? How does one wink on a blog? 

Ok, enough exposition. In his first appearance Mr. Id would like to know who else was jarred this past week by the juxtaposition of the back-to-back spectacles dominating the news. One day half the world watches two people spend more money on a wedding than the GNP of some developing nations. Then a few days later, the political pundits on both sides of the aisle (and all their dittoheads) jockey to make sure "their man" gets credit for the death of Osama Bin Laden. Until next time, this is Mr. Id, reflecting from the bell curve.


  1. Mr. Id??!!! why is there a Mr. Id? Would we know we were hearing from a new side of Mr. Reflections from (totally off) the Bell Curve, if you haven't told us?
    Perhaps you should let your followers detect a new side of you and maybe that would generate greater comments?
    Whatever...I like Mr. Id-especially if he is posting less self-centric stuff like politics!
    I want to see a whole lot more postings from Mr. Id-maybe even change the blog name to Mr. Id. (eventually).
    I hope Mr. Id kicks this blog up a few notches and is a little edgy. Let Mr. Id's idocyncrasies run rampant all over this blog!!!

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  3. Mr Id doesn't make sense to me? It's hiding. Why do you care if something you say pisses someone off? Be yourself, be honest and if a debate happens it's better than no discussion. You don't it.