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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


"Only connect": EM Forster

Although I value my solitude, I still have a high need to connect with others; I suspect most people share that need if not necessarily to the same degree as I. What I'm often uncertain about is the depth of the connections I've made with others. How do you assess the depth of the connections you've made? What kinds of indications do you look for?

It is possible that connecting more deeply is related to being vulnerable. I've had my fair share of relationships where I wanted to get to a deeper level of connection but my overtures were not reciprocated; that can be painful. But, if I'd not opened myself up how would I get deeper with someone?  I can also recall times when I was on the other end of that equation and likely caused someone else some pain.

Who do you know that you sense is particularly adept at connecting? What do they do differently than you do (if anything?)  How vulnerable are you willing to be to get to a deeper level of connecting?        

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  1. it's all good you need to take a 'devil may care' attitude towards vulnerability and you do that by simply realizing the everyone has a story to tell-some stories are horrific and some are evil, some are mostly sunshine with just a storm or two.
    The key is knowing that most people will not share their true reality until they connect with you. A sure way to ensure that almost-cosmic connection is to relate on a purely human level (even if this revealed humanity is base, crude, lewd and ugly).
    All of life and truth has an up side or is enlightening in a positive way.
    Vulnerability is non-existent when you truly adopt this attitude.
    In the end, my life experiences are no better nor worse than anyone else's and so what do I have to lose by letting it hang out??-life is very messy and this is MY story.....