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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who Gets You?

How many people in your life would you say really "get" you? Does your spouse or partner get you? Your brothers and sisters? Parents? Children? Good friends? Are the pieces of you others don't get the same for the different groups? 

Years ago when a good friend asked me how well I thought I knew my brother, I said I didn't think I knew him very well at all. My reason? I didn't feel then, and still don't, that I can know someone well unless I feel known well by that other person. There are significant parts of me I've chosen to conceal from my brother; I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn the same is true for him. Each of us has an incomplete picture. I love my brother, enjoy his company, & know I can rely on him unconditionally. He and my sisters are, along with my wife and daughter, my best friends.

But if I were listening to any of my siblings describe me to others, I'm not sure I would recognize the person they were talking about, aside from the many facts they could each recite about my life - my education, my work, my hobbies, etc. At the same time, I also would not be surprised if they were equally befuddled over-hearing me describe them to someone else. 

So, I guess the last question must be, how many people in your life do you think you really "get"? And, would they agree that you do?  

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