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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Counting To 60

What percentage of the time would you say you initially over-react to situations when you perceive you're being insulted? How about when you feel deceived? I estimate I over-react in situations like this about 50% of the time. There's a good reason that advice about waiting ten seconds before reacting has been around so long. In my case, I've now extended the time period to 60 seconds to help save me some future heartache.

Based on my coaching experience, I'm comfortable saying men and women view these types of perceived slights a little differently. I've often heard statements like "That person acted disrespectfully to me" from men. On occasion, I've said these words to myself despite coaching other men that disrespect might not be part of the equation. From women I've more commonly heard things like "That person hurt my feelings" or "That person violated my trust". What has been your experience? As a man or woman do you hear yourself in these statements?

It is possible that over-reacting is unavoidable under certain circumstances. Still, I'd like to hear from others on the bell curve about techniques you use to prevent yourself from over-reacting. Until then, I'll continue counting to 60.

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