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Thursday, September 1, 2011

He's Baaaack

I feel a little Sinatra-ish, having posted a retirement from blogging on August 16 and now returning 2 weeks later. The truth? I've missed doing this despite my off-the-bell-curve action the day before I said "Adios". Sorry if that sounds cryptic; I'll take a chance anyone reading this can accept a little ambiguity while waiting to see if I'm going to be sued.  

So, why is he baaaack? Although I'm not sure of the original source or its accuracy, I've often heard (and repeated) that if you want to establish a new discipline, the key is to practice that new discipline for 21 continuous days without fail. Many times in my life I've found that guideline accurate; a comment I received re my March 24 post ( "Making Changes") even cited the same 21 day guideline. My conclusion:  Because I blogged for 25 straight days at the outset, I've now got myself a new discipline and hanging up my blog cleats is not an option. Aside from the additional navel-gazing it sometimes induces in me, at worst, blogging is a benign discipline. Not as much long term benefit as exercise, good diet, meditation, but blogging provides more immediate gratification than any of those. Right now, I need a discipline providing immediate gratification, one with a small measure of creativity. My solitary hours with the guitar sometimes give me that but those hours can also yield a degree of frustration. And reading is an irreplaceable discipline, but one where I'm more the receptor vs. the actor. So... he's baaack. 

Best case? Starting up my blog again will continue to enhance my conversations with others.     

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