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Monday, September 12, 2011

Let's Bring Back Giggling

When was the last time you giggled in the uninhibited way children do? When I'm around that sound it fills me with joy but it doesn't seem to me that adults giggle very much. How come? I think it's high time to revive giggling. Why should any of us have to wait to be around kids to get the buzz giggling delivers?

So, what to giggle about? How about starting with some things that make kids giggle? The next time you unexpectedly pass gas in front of others, instead of being embarrassed, start giggling. I bet others will join you. I'll wager the giggling that ensues will trigger someone else to unexpectedly pass gas = more giggling. Or, pull out a book by Dr. Seuss, surely the patron saint of giggling. Or make up silly poems or songs, preferably using as many inappropriate names for the genitals as possible. What are your suggestions?

I think it could be genuinely liberating to have a little time in our adult lives for giggling to temporarily take the place of our pre-occupation with responsibilities. I welcomed responsibility as an adult but not to the exclusion of giggling. That was not a fair trade. 

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