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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Your Questions, Please

Anyone who has read this blog at least a few times has likely noticed I'm inclined to ask a lot of questions here. Getting better asking questions is one of the most important skills I've developed as an adult. And among those who know me personally, I'm confident a majority have noticed my growth in this area in face-to-face interactions as well.  

What questions have you discovered that get others talking? Although I've got a whole slew of my own (and yes, I have a list) one of my favorites is "What has become clearer to you since we last met?"; I recall reading somewhere that was a question Emerson asked others when he encountered them on the street. Though I like it, I have also discovered that one doesn't work quite as well with people who might be described as introverts. What differences have you noticed about questions more suited to introverts vs. more outgoing types?

A good friend recently told me she'd stopped reading my blog as regularly because "...I don't want to think so much...". Uh-oh; too many questions I fear. But right now, good questions are more interesting to me than what I sometimes hear offered as answers. Guess I'm getting a little suspicious of what passes for certainty these days. So, come on, help me add some more questions to my list and then hide when you next see me.    

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