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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Perplexing Habit

Of the things I do regularly that waste time, the one I'm most perplexed by is my habit of reading about film. I also spend a fair amount of time actually watching films but I've got some neat rationalizations worked out for why that habit isn't wasting time. Which of your "wasting time" habits most perplexes you?

This particular habit is fresh on my mind because of a recent trip to the library. On this trip, I had with me two books I was reading as well as my journal. So far, so good - an afternoon of reading & writing. Then I made the mistake of walking by the reference section and noticed Leonard Maltin's 2011 edition of  "Movie & Video Guide". The first edition of this encyclopedic tome was published in 1969 and since 1988 it has been updated annually. Presto - 3 hours of my life disappeared.

OK, 3 hours is not so bad you say. But... I own the 1993 edition of Maltin's book and it is so marked up from perpetual re-reading (etc.) that the cover has fallen off - I'm not exaggerating. And, this is not the first instance when I've wasted time in a library or book store on a subsequent edition of his book. I have also read (and re-read) many other books on film, often convincing myself I do so for my "education". The only time I've been able to make any use of this silly habit is playing the Silver Screen edition of Trivial Pursuit. Unfortunately, no one wants to waste time playing that - totally understandable.

Is there a support group that can help me with this?

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