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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dinner With The Minor League

I'm guessing at least a few of you have played that parlor game naming people from history you'd invite to an imaginary dinner party. It's a harmless way to have fun or get a conversation going.

But who would make your dinner party from the AAA farm team? I'm referring to people alive now; far from household names; people you find fascinating. It will surprise no regular reader of this blog that I have a ready list of names.

Just a taste of my list and then it's your turn:
1.) Terry Gross - Peerless radio interviewer (NPR)
2.) Phil Schaap - Encyclopedic jazz historian (NYC area radio)
3.) Will Shortz -  Word geek extraordinaire (NY Times crossword puzzle, etc.)

Come on, turn me on to someone cool - share your treasure with me (and anyone else who reads this).


  1. Pat, Here's two right off the bat:

    1 Desmond Tutu

    2.The Dalai Lama

    I love Phil Schaap, but he would need at least a weekend- a dinner party would only cover the birth of Louie Armstrong !


    1. Peter; Both good choices. I'm thinking Phil Schaap is a better shot; not as in demand. But you're right - we need more than a dinner.

  2. I would invite Bill and Hillary. Gloria Steinem. Paul Simon. Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais for laughs. And Dena Mottola from Environment NJ because I like her work.

  3. Howard Wasdin or Marcus Luttrell
    Dana White
    John Madden

    Look em up

  4. Sue Syllvester
    Jeanne Bessette
    Kate Clinton

    1. OK, 14 names among 3 people (if I don't include Peter's two ideas, both of whom are a little far away for a dinner - I'm not chartering a jet!) I'm guessing Dena Mottola from Kim's list would be the most likely one we could snag.Don't know H. Wasdin or M. Luttrell from Chris' list so I will look those up; Dana & John? Probably a little too famous for an invite. Sorry to say I know none of Terry's people so it's onto the Internet for those as well. Thanks all.