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Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Want My Times

Since I'm on the road early tomorrow and away from home most of the weekend, the thing on the front of my radar tonight is - Will I be able to easily locate the weekend NY Times?

For those who read the weekend Times, what is your routine?  What do you usually read first? Come on, every Times reader has a routine. On Saturday, after the front page headlines and following any stories of interest, I often skip right to the "Lives" essay on the back page of the magazine. Then a relatively new column in the magazine called "Riffing"- love that. Sometimes I'll read parts of Saturday Arts & Leisure, sometimes not. But I almost always jump next to the Sunday Arts & Leisure (delivered Saturday, but you knew that). Read about music & film there and sometimes drama. One thing never changes on Saturday; I read the book reviews last and look forward especially to the essay on the back page of that section.

OK, now it's Sunday. What's first for you? Headlines, then stories again? 50-50. Sports? For me, not on Saturday or Sunday. Travel? Real Estate? Cars? No, those all came on Saturday too and I probably skipped them; maybe I'll read a travel headline or two. Financials? Much more likely I'll read the Saturday vs. Sunday but I do like "Corner Office" in Sunday financials. I savor three things every Sunday - much of the Metro section, "Modern Love" in the Styles section, and Sunday Review especially those remarkable visuals that make even the most complex issues understandable. And yes I have favorite columnists in the Op-Ed part of the review but I want to hear yours first. Come on, don't be cagey.

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