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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Real Time Bulletin/Question

How do you assess when you've crossed over the line from extreme focus to being a bit obsessive? I have a  practical and up-to-the-minute reason for asking this question. 

Today was a near perfect day. I was up reasonably early, did some volunteer work, played guitar for a few hours, meditated, journalled, exercised, ran a few errands, communicated with some folks, ate well but not too much. Got about 5 or so hours of energy left - next? That's where my question comes in. I've been very focused all day but... I'm reading two books now that I haven't opened yet today. And, I hadn't yet started my blog until a few moments ago and wondered as I began writing this post: Would I get to any reading today? Have I crossed that line?

Recently, someone close called me "driven". Although at the time I didn't think I was put off by the word, it has remained in my head since. I guess I've concluded now that driven has the whiff of obsessed around it. Am I over-sensitive? Splitting semantic hairs? Is one man's driven another man's focused? Where does focus end and obsession/driven start? I might have to go to sleep after I post this. Unless...  

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