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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Next Musical Life

With my most recent partnership on indefinite hiatus, I'm reflecting what my next musical life will look like.

At this point I've worked alone (both as an acoustic singing act and playing jazz guitar), been in a couple of duos, one quartet, several quintets, one sextet, one septet. Does that count as 6 musical lives? Or should I count the venues as musical lives? OK, in arbitrary descending order I've played a few larger places, supper clubs, catering halls, hotels, bars (big & small), coffee shops, backyards, dumps. That's 8 musical lives without counting venues I've forgotten or ones too embarrassing to admit. Got other ideas for criteria I should use to calculate which musical life I'm on? Maybe which instruments I've worked with?

So for the sake of musical life symmetry, I'm thinking a trio. Need to seek out a stand-up bass player; haven't done that yet, at least  professionally. Venue? Still working on that. And about that whole nine lives thing? Think I'm revising those parameters.   

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  1. But it is all one life! A journey with various characters and adventures, all leading to this moment. Some say, however, until you get it right (awaken) you are bound to repeat it. In that case, the journey continues.

    Can't think of the downside.