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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Turning Down The Volume

Since watching a 2011 documentary called "Buck" a few months ago, I've found myself speaking about it to others more than any film I can recall, though in the past documentaries have often had limited appeal for me.

The film is about the actual person Nicholas Evans used as his model for the bestseller "The Horse Whisperer". It's possible "Buck" has stayed with me because of my volunteer work at a farm that specializes in therapeutic horseback riding; I've already mentioned it to several of the instructors there. And each time I describe to someone Buck's humane way of treating animals & people, I'm finding my own propensity for volume more annoying. Whispering, real or metaphorical, is powerful & soothing. The film depicts how Buck chooses to live his life and to heal his wounds - quietly. I aspire to the same.

In my last full time job, I had lunch with one person regularly. He claimed to thrive on my intense energy; his calm grace was balm for my hectic soul. The next time we have lunch, it wouldn't surprise me if I mistakenly called him Buck. If it turns out he's an experienced equestrian, I'll be a little spooked.    


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