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Monday, February 6, 2012

Parlez Vous German? Russian? Romanian?

Aside from the little I recall of high school French, English has been pretty much it for me. And despite an abiding fascination, I haven't yet had a compelling reason to put in the time needed to learn a 2nd language.

But over the past several months my blog stats have shown a steady and significant increase in the number of views I'm getting from several countries outside the US; unfortunately, France is not one of them. So I'm now looking for a little assistance from anyone who speaks Russian or Romanian. I've already tried, with a bit of success, to entice my German viewers by sneaking German words into the title line of a few of my posts. But aside from glasnost, perestroika and Smirnoff's, I have little other Russian at my disposal. Romanian? I'm lucky I can even locate the country in my Atlas. If Transylvania hadn't made Dracula into a local hero, I'd be in even more trouble with that one.

I realize my newfound motivation to become multi-lingual might strike some as a bit self-serving. Indulge me. All I need are some useful words/phrases I can slip into title lines so that key word searches will bring me closer to my comrades in Eastern Europe. No cuss words or sexual propositioning stuff, please. I have a clear memory of the little seen "Birthday Girl", a Nicole Kidman film from some years back, and I don't want any of those guys coming after me. Phrases like "Good day", "How are you?" or "Where do you recommend I go in New Jersey for a good bowl of borscht?" are just fine, thanks.    

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