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Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Grade (So Far): Honesty

honesty: truthfulness, sincerity, frankness

Of the seven attributes I've thus far covered in this series, given the above definition, grading myself on honesty presents the most formidable challenges. How about for you? How honest can you be about how honest you've been in your life to date, using these three components?

So, I'll give myself a "C-" for truthfulness a "B" for sincerity and a "B+" for frankness to date. Combining all three gives me a about "B-", right? So why doesn't that feel like the complete story? Because "frankness", though it's the highest component of my three, has gotten me in the most trouble. And my lowest component, truthfulness, strikes me as the most important of the three. Given that, I'm adding extra weight to "truthfulness" and changing my overall grade to "C+".

Like two other attributes from earlier in this series (bravery and generosity), I'm planning on putting effort into improving my grade for honesty. But I am planning to dial back the frankness component whenever I apply the adage "honesty is the best policy"; could help me avoid hurting others feelings as much.   

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