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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Re: Media Fast

Just  a few months ago, reacting to a blog post ranting about how I feel overfed with information about celebrities, an old friend suggested I periodically take a "media fast". I immediately implemented his strategy. And I've already lost five celebrities! I'll stack up the joy this gives me against anyone who has lost five pounds.

Proof I've begun to shed an unwanted load? Last weekend I saw a print ad for "The Expendables 2" listing only last names along with pictures of the eleven stars - yes I counted. Five names are totally unfamiliar to me. More proof my scale is not deceiving me? The same number of faces also did not register. Although the action genre has never been a favorite, I was elated nonetheless; a fast-working fast.

If I stick with this, by the time "The Expendables Have Expired" is released, I could drop enough bulk to have room for more important information. I'm still carrying around the names of way too many one-hit wonder bands from the 50's through the 80's but hey, everyone needs a few empty calories.

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