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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Work In Progress Thing

Recently, a new friend offered some feedback about my behavior in a group we're in together, feedback  given based on a self-critical blog post I wrote. The frequently heard expression about all of us being "...a work in progress..." was part of the same conversation. The feedback was a gift; the friend is a sincere and open soul. Then I wondered: Am I over-doing it with the "work in progress" posts?

I did a cursory perusal of my 350+ posts - there are a fair number that could be categorized as such. My original intent was to reflect on stuff average people like me have on their minds so I'm not sure what to do with my finding. I guess I need to depend on your guidance to be sure I'm hitting the mark regularly enough. Only way I can think of to do that is asking some questions.

How often do you stop and actively consider yourself as a work in progress? What methods do you use to get the kind of insightful feedback I got from my friend? And how often do you honestly wish, as I do, that you could be done with the work and just coast for a while?


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