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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Finding What You Have

Though I've more than once heard people describe how little they have in common with a spouse or partner, the statement invariably catches me off guard. After recovering, I'm immediately reminded how fortunate I am.

What is critical for you to have in common with a spouse or partner? My list has probably changed a bit over 34+ years, but the core value of trust has always been at the top. Agreeing on the fundamentals of how to raise children was up there as well. And laughing a lot is something we clearly share. My wife's laugh is one of the great joys of my life.

After that are things I'm happy we have in common. Call these the very nice but maybe not critical. Our politics are similar; we both love reading - my wife is the person whose reading tastes I most trust and rely on; music, music, music; going on physical vacations - exercise in general; trying different ethnic foods; NPR; travel; learning. I'm happy to say there is more but how about you? Which are the very nice (but maybe not critical) things you have in common with your spouse or partner? My sincere hope? Maybe some people who've told me they have little in common with their partners will read this and recognize  they have more than they realized.          

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