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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Judging Bell

Zen masters - stop reading now.

Being around centered people last week at Kripalu has me reflecting on the whole judging enchilada. How evolved do you feel with respect to the human tendency to judge others? I propose we assess ourselves using a 4 point scale. I'm purposefully avoiding the more commonly used odd number scales (3, 5, 7) so there is no middle. In my experience, having those middle numbers available make it easier to escape rigorous self-examination.

1 is for any Zen master who ignored my instructions above. This is someone so evolved they have transcended the human tendency to judge others. 2 is someone who judges others regularly, 3 is someone who judges others frequently (that would be me), 4 is someone who finds it difficult to turn off the judging mechanism - that was me circa 1991.

Clarification: I am not asking about pre-judging. I'm talking about judging others in the moment even if you know of or have used a mindful discipline to help you avoid judging. The most useful discipline I've found? Saying "judging" to myself as I go there. Current effectiveness rate? <50%. My newest fantasy? I want a bell to ring in my ear any time I begin judging others and get louder if I don't let go fairly quickly. And I also want a bell tuned to a different frequency to ring when someone is judging me. I then walk away from that person. My concern with this fantasy? I'll be hearing bells to the exclusion of most other sound.

Zen masters still reading: I warned you. 

1 comment:

  1. For whom doth the bell toll?
    The bell tolls for the dog and the dog doth salivate
    Regardless of the owner's spiritual affiliation
    Or should I say affliction