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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stories, Stubbornness, Stupidity

Last weekend I learned how to use text messaging with a cell phone I've resisted using since my wife gave it to me upon upgrading her first one years ago. 

I'm not sure when or why I decided being stubborn about using a cell phone was a line to draw in the sand. It's possible all those conversations I've been forced to listen to while in the public sphere started me down this path. It's equally possible my resistance started out connected to my contrary nature. Even those 20th century artifacts now quaintly called landlines were never a favorite means of communication for me.

But my continuing ignorance of texting had one inescapable downside: I'd limited the full range of communication I could have with my young adult daughter. Though her mother had told me this more than once, her usually gentle counsel didn't register. Then last week I heard myself telling a near stranger about my inability to text in a story about my daughter. Suddenly I realized how right my wife had been. I also recognized how closely related stubbornness and stupidity can be. 

Where in your life is being stubborn getting in your way? 

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