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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Reader To Rely On


Who do you rely on for book recommendations?

It's possible I've hit the jackpot on this. Since May 2010, I've been directed to 31 books by one person. All except two have been by authors new to me and all but three, including the one I just finished ("Born To Run" by Christopher McDougall - 2009) have been novels. Get ready for this scorecard, OK?

Out of the park winners: Thirteen, including "The Painted Drum " (Louise Erdrich) & "Brazzaville Beach" (William Boyd). 
Unqualified winners:  Six, including all three non-fiction and gems like "A Widower's Tale" (Julia Glass). I've gifted several of the 19 from these two groups to people I love.
Worthy of anyone's timeTwelve.

Left in the just OK/don't waste your time/loser categories? 0 . Now that's what I call a batting average. The post at the top was written in November 2011, when this fruitful relationship was about 18 months old.  Since then, I've expressed my gratitude several times to this new friend. After finishing "Born To Run", I decided a form of public tribute was in order. When did you last thank the reading gurus in your life?      

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