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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Perpetual (Albeit Thrifty) Student

What are some reliable methods you use to help ensure you stay a student?

Aside from reading and making it a priority to be around others who love learning, tennis lessons have helped me both as a learner and as a teacher. Each time my teacher points out bad habits I developed due to lack of lessons earlier in life or when he explains how I'm relying on a strength like speed to over-compensate for not spending the necessary time drilling fundamentals, it makes me a better guitar teacher. And the transfer of learning is immediate. A tennis lesson Monday reminds me Tuesday how critical it is I pay close attention to the habits of my guitar students as well as taking note of any strength that could be masking shortcomings. It's very cool.

I suspect the more time spent as a student, no matter the subject, the more effective I'll be as a teacher, no matter the subject. This insight has helped erase doubt I may have ever had about the value of being a perpetual student. Next: Getting past some reluctance to spending money on lessons for other stuff. Stay tuned.        

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