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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Stop & Continue, 2013 - Start, Again


Batted .666 from my first "stop-start-continue" post; I count that a success. If you joined me last January 1, how did you do this past year? And what will you stop, start and continue in 2013?

 * This year I will stop looking at e-mail more than twice a day. In my final years working full time, I found this an effective way to manage time. But I've fallen out of the habit; time to re-establish it.   

*  And I will continue working on having to be "right" so much. Several times this year, I embarrassed myself and hurt others based on this silly pre-occupation. 

The one I missed last year was to start recording my original songs, using my daughter as the vocalist. So rather than inventing a new "start" pledge for 2013, I'm renewing that.

Good luck to you & me. 

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