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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Many people know AMWAY as the company that widely popularized multi-level marketing. Although embarrassing to admit, early in adult life I was duped more than once into attending AMWAY meetings. The intentional obfuscation surrounding the invitations to attend those meetings partially explains how I was hoodwinked, but my motivation to attend was less sullied than the disingenuous people who'd invited me - I wanted to connect. Selling cleaning product was not in my future, however.  

It's been a long time since I've been manipulated by an AMWAY rep. But my need to connect with others has not abated. When sensing a connection is possible, I barrel ahead, trust others, accept invitations. My assumption? We're on a similar page. I've been wrong and have scar tissue to show for it. After a recent disappointment, naive was among the kinder words I was called. It's possible my radar will always need more calibration than most.

But giving up is not in the cards. I'll remain vulnerable because that's the surest way I know to meaningfully connect. I'll continue telling people how I feel about them even when my words are not reciprocated or even when I'm unsure of their feelings about me. And I'm pretty sure I'll get "AMWAYED" again in the future; I'm more sure I'll bounce back quickly and begin again.

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