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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Synaptic Spark On Steroids

When you think of New York City what filmmaker comes to mind? I hear a nasal voiceover:

"That's how quickly New York City comes about - like a weather vane - or the head of a cobra. Time tells which".

"Rules of Civility" (2011), the debut novel of Amor Towles, is a New York City valentine waiting to be filmed by Woody Allen. Not only is New York City a main character, the story takes place in 1938 so imagine Woody's soundtrack. Unlike his past movies, when he has ignored the existence of rock n' roll, this time it will be historically accurate!

And, now that the Woodster's movies appear to have outgrown his sexual Peter Pan shtick, his casting of the three young principals from Towles' novel could be inspired. There's even a good bit part for Woody himself - "Nathaniel Parrish was a senior fiction editor at the Pembroke Press and something of a fixture". Even that name is perfect for him; can't you see the eyeglasses? I'm sincerely anxious to compare my casting choices from this wonderful book with anyone who reads it. Really.

"As we sat there, dusk was falling and the lights of the city were coming on one by one in ways even Edison hadn't imagined."  Who else could possibly do as much with that visual as Woody Allen? This is not just a synaptic spark; it's a forest fire. I may have to go to a Knicks game soon.

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