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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mongolia 47 - Iran 22

This hosting site provides me with lots of cool information, including countries that have stumbled across the blog. Being a semi-compulsive list maker and a geography freak, I've kept a list. As of the end of December, 47 countries have fallen onto my bell curve. And now, I've decided on a way to utilize this useless data. Drum roll, please...

Effective immediately, those keyword searching countries move to the top of the queue in the "Eat Around the World" project. Faithful (sic) readers will recall my wife and I began that culinary undertaking about a week after the inception of this blog. Really faithful readers (sick) will also recall a few project updates scattered across the ensuing 22 months.

Which brings me to the ingenious (very sic or sick) title of this post. Mongolia is the most recent and 47th unique country culled from my blog stats. On New Year's Eve, Iran became the latest and 22nd unique cuisine we've sampled since March 2011. Which countries from these two worthless lists already overlap you ask? Of those countries from the blog list not yet feasted on, which is next in the vittles queue you wonder? Another drum roll...          


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