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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stranger Than Fiction

Surgery for your real OR imaginary girlfriend

Since seeing a billboard with those exact words a few weeks ago, I've been trying to imagine the target audience for this Central Jersey cosmetic surgery practice.

1.) Though possibly aimed at gay women, I strongly suspect it is more aimed at men. Feel free to disagree.

2.) Younger men aiming to create the perfect mate? Middle-aged men looking for a younger model? Older men with Viagra prescriptions?

3.) When the man (or gay woman) contacts this business will they involve their partner in the initial consult?

4.) Does that same man (or gay woman) have vanity license plates? If no, what are they waiting for?

File this blog post under stranger than fiction. And if you're travelling north on Rt. 295 near Hamilton, try to keep your composure as you pass this nonsense.   


  1. I don't get it. How would you get your imaginary girlfriend to have surgery? Or are you trying to turn your current girlfriend or wife into the perfect one in your imagination? Either way, very creepy.

  2. I remember seeing that billboard, (or something similar in Maryland) and I thought it was a joke on Manti T'ao's expense. He was the Notre Dame football player who found out his online girlfriend was not real. So I think it is the practice trying to make a pop culture reference.

    1. Marisa; Interesting. If you are right, I'm guessing the "pop culture" reference you refer to would escape most casual readers of a billboard. I knew of this Notre Dame football player and his mortification but did not connect these dots at all. Thanks for reading & commenting.