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Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Terrible Twos Of Mr. Id

Since being hatched two years ago today, Mr. Id has written thirteen cranky rants. Truth be told, when this doppelganger was introduced, his creator thought Mr. Id would appear much more regularly; perhaps the creator's need for approval has thus far superseded his need to publicly vent. In the past two years, how many times have you allowed your evil twin to surface? How did you feel after doing so? Or, are you someone who has yet to uncover the dark side of your personality?

Based on comments received and stats provided by the blog site, Mr. Id's November 20, 2011 post about rap music generated the most buzz. Of the remaining posts that did not stir the pot as intended, Mr. Id can offer only conjecture. Perhaps those posts were too raw; perhaps readers avoided any post with Mr. Id's moniker in the title line; perhaps any reader once exposed to Mr. Id never returned to the blog site at all.

What will the terrible twos of Mr. Id reveal? On his birthday today, Mr. Id is quiet. His last appearance was over four months ago, the longest break to date between posts. But he lurks. Passing a billboard today with an advertised website named crap.com (not visited nor vetted), Mr. Id was reminded of a post of his with a similar scent. Read it; you might be surprised to see you have things in common.



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