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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Which pieces of your life could make a movie reasonably compelling from beginning to end? Don't worry about how long the movie would end up being; I'll get back to that.

Over the last several weeks, I've seen films about Jackie Robinson ("42"), Bob Dylan ("I'm Not There") and Philip Roth ("Unmasked"). Each film had interesting stretches; none were without dull moments. Could that tedium have been the writing or directing rather than the lives depicted? Sure. However, isn't it equally plausible that any life depicted on film, no matter its notoriety, has to show dull moments in order to be realistic? How many lives are an unbroken series of exciting or noteworthy events? Call this exposition overload but that's how I arrived at my original question. So, back to that now and remember - only pieces that would make a final cut - leave out your dull stuff. This won't be fun if I'm the only one who embarrasses myself.

Making my final cut (and I'll be the screenwriter so this will be a feature length film):
1.) The regrettable arrest scene in my 61st year.
2.) Two chases; this time I'm the good guy - One after a shoplifter in Elizabeth NJ, the other after a purse snatcher in Greenwich Village.
3.) Four songs in front of a very receptive crowd in Montclair, NJ in 1978.

Ready? Action!

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