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Saturday, May 25, 2013


Compared to most people I've met sharing my economic and educational background, I've never had a great deal of stuff. Some days, I think this is because I never really wanted stuff. Other times I wonder if my lack of stuff is more tied to a lack of ambition. If you're more like me than not, what reasons have you given to yourself and others for your lack of stuff?

I've known people that have lots of stuff. But I haven't met that many who have the stuff they need the moment they need it. If you have lots of stuff, how true has this been for you? What systems do you have for storing, organizing and maintaining your stuff? I have enough trouble keeping track of photographs let alone a lot of stuff.

A few months ago someone suggested to me people would be better off accumulating more good actions rather than more stuff. This makes sense to me especially since I really don't like cleaning stuff.    

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  1. Remember what they call those bags that sleeping bags go into? Stuff sacks. Maybe they should be called bag bags. Or you could roll up the bag and put stuff in the stuff sack.