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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Grade (So Far): Wit

wit: the keen perception or cleverly apt expression of amusing words or ideas or of those connections between ideas which awaken amusement and pleasure.

This monthly series kicked off in February 2012, starting at the beginning of the alphabet; ambition was the first attribute for which I gave myself a grade (so far). And I've encouraged you to join me so if you've done so faithfully, you now have sixteen grades for sixteen unique attributes and perhaps some ideas about growth edges.

Of the attributes selected to date, a solid "A" for wit would give me the most joy. For a discernible improvement in wit, I'll remain satisfied indefinitely with my "Cs" for ambition & bravery. If trading my "A" for enthusiasm or my "B+" for determination would have those bon mots rolling off my tongue quicker, just show me where to sign. Hell, I'll accept even lower grades for "charm" or "generosity" in exchange for unlimited clever witticisms. How about you? Any wit envy? Do you marvel at people for whom those connections between ideas are humorous grist for the mill? I do.

My grade so far for wit? Doesn't matter; I want that "A".         

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