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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ready For You

OK, I'm ready. After reading this post, call me an elitist. Or, if you prefer adjectives use supercilious. Need the one-two punch of adjective with noun? Try arrogant snob. Only a hyphenated epithet will do? Hit me with pseudo-intellectual. Better yet, come up with your own words and make them good ones - that's the whole point of the ersatz erudition that follows.

At this point in my reading life, especially with non-fiction, I really enjoy it when a writer's vocabulary challenges me. Get your sarcastic mojos working because there are no qualifications coming for this view. Although having a dictionary nearby when reading puts me in solid geek territory, no apologies are offered. I don't like feeling inadequate (who does?) but learning new words while I read has become, if not essential, clearly important to me. Got your nasty rejoinders ready? I hope so because there's a bit more.

This blog is appropriately named "Reflections From The Bell Curve" because I have no illusions about my intelligence. Like many of us on the bell curve, I have a smattering of knowledge about lots of stuff but I'm neither exceptional nor a scholar. But each time I'm exposed to someone much smarter than I, whether an author or someone I know, I grow. Every new word is a new world. I won't get to visit all of them all but bring on those new worlds, please. Got those insults handy? Make them shiny & new. 


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  1. SOLID geek territory. But I love this about you. Always looking to learn and grow.