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Friday, August 9, 2013

Peer Group Poop

A facetious comment my oldest niece recently made about spending too much time with folks out of her peer group (i.e. with old farts like her parents and me), has me reflecting on the downside of hanging around with my peer group too much.

* How can a distance of more than a few miles be a "long drive"? In one of my book clubs, someone actually marveled at the fact that I live about 15 miles away; my home and the club are in the same county. This is not an isolated example; I regularly hear stuff like this from people my age. 

* I understand the motivation to save money on "early bird" specials. But when a restaurant doesn't offer those deals, isn't meeting someone for dinner at 5:30 a little early? By the time dinner is over, the live music at most places hasn't even started. What happens at 7:30?

* If one more person my age says Saturday Night Live isn't as funny as it was in its heyday (a word I loathe), the epithet Dan Ackroyd used to level at Jane Curtin may slip from my lips. I also wonder how many of the old farts speaking of the "golden years of SNL" recall how much bad stuff there was between the classic bits.

What peer group poop would you rather do without? All ages welcome.


  1. HAHA dad this post is hilarious. Made me laugh out loud.

  2. Well to be honest Pat, SNL WAS funnier in its earlier years when they had all the bright and shining stars (noticed I skipped the word you loathe!<>) that actually made the difference, more so than it does today.

    1. Quimby54; Thanks for the pushback. Still, I'll challenge you to go back to the early episodes and notice how many bits fell flat; then compare the ratio to today's iteration of the show. I'm pretty sure I'm missing a lot of the cultural references made in the show nowadays and that contributes to why some of it doesn't seem "as funny" as in the early years. Appreciate you reading & commenting and thanks for skipping that word.

  3. Must every visit with my peers begin with an inventory of our joint replacements and other health issues? Once we've discussed which road we took to get somewhere, how fast time is going, and which foods we can no longer eat, what's left to talk about? And BTW Quimby54, please go to YouTube right away and watch Zach Galifianakis and Kristen Wiig in the best SNL bit EVER....The Bidet. http://www.funny-city.com/videos/4733-zach-galifianakis-saturday-night-live-bidet-sketcht