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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Silver Linings In A Hacker's Cloud

Why they would bother is beyond me but it looks like some hackers decided my blog was fair game early in August. When it seemed possible all my work and your comments could be lost, I converted everything to a Word document. Fortunately, thanks to some savvy PC assistance, it now appears the hackers were foiled. But before knowing the coast was clear, while beginning to re-format this massive Word document, a few things became clear:

* Although there's been steady improvement, there's still too much "I" in my writing.
* The posts getting the largest number of public comments are usually those touching on lighter themes, especially when part of a series like "Mt. Rushmore", "My Grade (So Far)", etc.
* I would likely benefit from an objective second opinion selecting which posts to send to my Facebook network. Applications for Facebook liaison are being accepted.

Other silver linings to this erstwhile hacker's cloud: Re-reading reminded me of a few of my public commitments still needing attention and should also help me avoid repeating myself too much in the future. Aside from a few favorite quotes and excessive mentions of Jennifer Egan's novel "A Visit From The Goon Squad" (can't help it, honest!), I think that's going pretty well. But please let me know your thoughts on that as well as offering other feedback; self-editing has limitations, maybe a little like being one's own attorney.

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  1. Facebook liaison? I could put that on my resume, right? :)