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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Egypt 54 - France 39

Of stuff mentioned to date on this blog, I'm most frequently asked for updates on the "eat around the world" project initiated March 23, 2011.

Early this year I merged two pieces of geography - the number of countries that have viewed my blog vs. the number of sampled cuisines. On January 8, that score was Mongolia 47- Iran 22, a gap of 25 countries. After France became sampled cuisine #39 yesterday (tomato coulis, eggplant a la Provencale, bouillabaisse, peaches au gratin), the gap narrowed to 15 countries. Late in July, with my family's help, four countries (Australia, Columbia, Israel and the Philippines) got knocked off in one stuff-our-faces feast. And because my siblings are geography geeks like me we enjoyed facts, laughs and mild disagreements along with the Australian ginger beer & creamy fish, boliarepa, tu bi' shvat cake & singkamas/jicama salad. FYI, spellcheck really doesn't like that last sentence.  

Given the interest in this project, my wife recently suggested starting a separate blog devoted to it. Although her idea has appeal, at present, sustaining two blogs at once is a little daunting. So for now, my original commitment of providing an occasional update will have to suffice. But keep your restaurant recommendations coming. Next stop? Russia via Manalapan, NJ.  

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