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Monday, August 12, 2013

Go Away Anthony

Who are these people pollsters say would vote for Anthony Weiner? Do you personally know anyone who admits they would vote for him?

I've made serious mistakes in my life; who hasn't? In a few days, the two year anniversary of my biggest blunder will arrive. I'm still mortified about my behavior that day and that has me reflecting on Weiner's chutzpah. How does he convince himself he's capable of managing the biggest city in the U.S. when he has so much difficulty managing his behavior? I have not been back to the location of my meltdown and worry someone will recognize me if I walk nearby. Weiner's visage is hard to escape.

I realize it sounds harsh but where is this man's shame? There must be a less public way he can make a living. The people supporting his candidacy can surely give him some job leads, no? I haven't even been tempted to add to the endless puns made about him. Please Anthony - go away.

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