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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Grade (So Far): Discernment

discernment: the faculty of discerning; discrimination; acuteness of judgment or understanding

***Quick detour: Remember how annoying it was learning new words as a kid if the dictionary defined a noun using the root of the same word as a verb or adjective? Man, I hated that.***   

How would you grade yourself so far on this attribute? Part of the difficulty giving myself a fair grade here is how open the definition is. Judgment or understanding about what, exactly? So, I'm going to pick three things that strike me as important enough to be discerning about. When you comment, online or off, let me know which things you picked and your grade. Feel free to pick more or less than my totally arbitrary three.

My grade (so far) for discernment re people:  A solid "B". Still make periodic mistakes but very happy with my lifetime batting average.

My grade (so far) for discernment re literature:  Definitely on the upswing. It's taken me a good part of my life, but I've earned my current "B" for discernment here. And I believe an "A" could be in my future.

My grade (so far) for discernment re food: 63 years old - spent almost half my life in "D" or "F" territory - picky, provincial and poor. Then many more years trying new stuff but discerning? Hardly - a "C" at best. Since becoming a vegetarian in early 90's my grade has slowly risen to a high "C"/low "B". Grade point average? Looks like a "C" or "C-". But with some luck, there'll be enough years left to legitimately earn a "B" or better.

Two "B's" and one "C/C-" for discernment. Cyberspace teachers - What goes on my report card?

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