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Friday, August 23, 2013

Mr. Id & Mt. Rushmore

Mr. Id needs to know - Which often-heard insincere phrases would you enshrine on this 14th iteration of Mt. Rushmore? In no particular order, your favorite crank nominates the following:

1.) "Let's get together sometime".  Oh baloney. If you really want to see someone that phrase is superfluous. Get out your calendar, high or low tech version, and make a date.

2.) "Stay in touch". Double baloney. How many times has someone said this to you and then happily reciprocated when you did exactly as they asked? How many times have you said it to others and really meant it vs. just flapping your gums?

3.) "I'll try". Baloney triptych (Mr. Id has been waiting months to use that word). Possibly the most insincere words ever uttered, tantamount to "I have no intention of bothering."

That's Mr. Id's version; what is yours? And don't waste time moaning about how it should be four phrases to match the four presidents. Mr. Id is way too contrary to follow any insincere blogger's rules.


  1. Hopefully, Mr. Id isn't standing next to St. Peter on judgement day.

    1. Mr. Id (aka Pat the cranky)August 27, 2013 at 12:58 AM

      Peter; Mr. Id will probably be headed in the opposite direction from St. Peter - BTW, is that you with the halo over your head? Good to see a comment from you. Hope all is well in non-judgmental heaven.

  2. Pat, No halo here - just trying to give folks the benefit of the doubt. People often become overwhelmed with life's circumstances and the time slips away. For example,parents with kids and the endless amount of activities they participate in, the often unreasonable demands of a full time job with overtime,spouses with a sick partner or sick child, one parent households, caregivers, the list goes on an on. Sometimes the intent is there but life gets in the way.

    1. Peter; Didn't intend to offend but looks like I missed the mark on both my Mr. Id post and my reply to what I thought was a facetious comment from you; sorry; Guess we need to talk the old-fashioned low tech way, i.e. I'll give you a telephone call; my smoke signals are not working at present.