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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yogi And Me

I'm grateful for my abundant energy; it's a clear gift. At the same time, I recognize how energy like mine can sometimes wear others out. For those sharing this particular gift of mine, what techniques help you shift into lower gear from time to time?

Yoga as a technique has been a mixed bag for me. Nowadays, I purposefully choose only gentle yoga classes; struggling with the more challenging poses of moderate yoga is a foolproof way for me to remain at 45 or 78 RPM, even with the meditation ending most sessions - oh, that competitive instinct. But given the widely varying definitions different instructors have of the phrase, even gentle yoga sometimes winds me up more than down. This is especially true if I'm singled out for attention - oh, that ego.

If she reads this post, my daughter the yoga instructor might chastise me for being so un-yogi like; competition, ego, etc. Still, my practice will continue; the quiet I feel moving into 33 or 16 RPM as some classes end makes it worthwhile.

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