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Monday, March 17, 2014

No More Random Ranting

random: proceeding, made or occurring without definite aim, reason or pattern.

Given that definition, how is it the secular among us aren't using the word random a great deal more often? Seems to me a high percentage of life situations could accurately be called random. No? Try this - Think of the last significant event that occurred to you. What was the definite reason?  Absent strong religious convictions, when can any of us ever be that certain of the reason something occurred?

How about proceeding with definite aim? Though there have surely been times I've acted that way, my guess is there have been almost as many circumstances when I have not. How about you? How often have you proceeded randomly?

After overhearing random used a few times in a conversation several days back, I started writing a post bemoaning over-use of the word, something I first took note of as my daughter was growing up. Thank you again, Mr. Webster for saving me from my sanctimonious self.

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