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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Request For A New Question

1. "How do you make money?"
When was the last time anyone asked you that question? When did you last ask someone else?

2. "What do you do for a living?"
How about that one? Since it's the same question as #1, I've often wondered why it's far more likely I'll be asked and also ask others the question this way.

3. "How do you make meaning?"
If your experience is similar to mine, you've rarely been asked or asked others this question. Yet, this is the one I hunger to be asked. I suspect this is true for many of us. So, how do you make meaning?

Asked another way, what do you do for a life?

I'd like it if others began asking me that question. And it seems fair to make this request, given how many times in 64 years I've been asked what I do for a living. Even if others were to begin asking me this question tomorrow and I lived another thirty years, the question about life will still never catch up to the question about money. But I'd like to get started anyway. Care to join me?

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