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Sunday, March 23, 2014

I'll Take Serbia, Thank You

Based on the number of countries now covered (48), if we maintain our current pace, sometime around March 2023 my wife and I will have eaten the cuisine from every country in the world. Our latest culinary trip was to Trinidad/Tobago. What was the last outside-of-US cuisine you sampled? Would you return?

In addition to the adventure and fun of this three year old project, the educational by-products have also been a gas. For example, while researching the at-home meal we were preparing for friends accompanying us to Trinidad, we noticed the significant Asian Indian elements used to prepare several popular foods from the Caribbean island nation. That mystery led me to the low tech Almanac where we learned (or perhaps re-learned) that India supplied indentured servants to Trinidad in the 19th century. More interestingly, we also discovered that the modern-day population of Trinidad is almost equally divided between people of African and Indian descent. All this because we were making roti (yum!) and callaloo (yuck!).

48 countries represents about 25% of the total. The equally low tech world map hanging in our hall tells me if we'd started in NJ, traveled due east and covered about 25% of the circumference of the globe, our current location would be somewhere near Belgrade (Beograd). Due west? The middle of the Northern Pacific ocean. I'll take that as a sign and make Serbian the next cuisine we sample.

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