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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stay Tuned: One Stop Shopping For All Attention Spans

So much competition for our attention. But, so many people with varying attention spans. The solution? A clearing house offering quality alternatives using ascending increments of time. Under a future banner called "One Stop Shopping For All Attention Spans", watch this blog for suggestions vetted by yours truly.

1. Have one minute or less or the equivalent attention span? A useful word or pithy quote will be offered.

2. Two-five minutes is all you can spare or concentrate on? A worthwhile song is on its way.

3. More than two-five minutes but less than ten? Could be a quality blog post, magazine article, essay, poem, or jam. Re the latter - Grateful Dead recommendations are unlikely.

4. Ten minutes to one half hour? A TED talk, a symphony movement, longer articles and essays.

5. One or two hours? Short story, play, film. For the non I-tunes folks, please make yourselves (discreetly) known and I'll suggest a complete recording.

More than two hours exceeds the mission of this undertaking but I'm glad to assist, under separate cover. One Day University events, Teaching Company Courses, and a world of literature awaits.      

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