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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Referee Pat

How much inconsiderate, unpleasant or inappropriate behavior could be mitigated if penalties comparable to football could be routinely meted out? Referee Pat suggests the following:

Someone who keeps you waiting all the time? Delay of game. Someone with an ill-defined sense of personal space? Offside. Five yards for both of those in football and $5.00 sounds like a fair penalty to me for these minor infractions.

How about people who don't mind their own business? I call ten yards for interference; $10.00 sounds about right. How about people who have trouble keeping their hands to themselves? Offensive holding, like interference, is also a ten yard penalty in football but $10.00 doesn't strike me as near enough for the comparable behavioral violation. Referee Pat goes for ejection from game on that one.

What parallels and ideas for penalties come to you?  

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