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Friday, March 21, 2014

Spending Time With My Better Side

Thanks to those who took note of the recent atypical quiet in bell curve land. The last time more than two days went by without a post was September 2012 when I was cycling through Tuscany and without a laptop.

These last few days have been challenging, but there has been a clear silver lining. Someone I love needed my undivided attention and it was re-assuring to learn I am capable of letting go of my self-absorption long enough to devote total focus, i.e. no stopping to blog. It was nice to see my own fundamental decency made manifest. Although I can usually recognize this trait in others, it took my recent test to help me see it more clearly in myself.

In addition, the events of the past few days reminded me again how crucial it is to remain grateful for my continued good health. How often do you take that gift for granted? I rarely claim to be prescient but my gratitude for a lifetime of good health is an exception to that rule - I've known since a young age what a gift that is. The past few days just brought that gratitude into sharper relief.

When was the last time you recognized you'd spent time with your better side?

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  1. We haven't had that spirit here since 1969.