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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Keep Me Guessing (And Get Those DJs A Real Job)

Breaking tradition, today I feel compelled to blog about a book I've not yet (quite) completed. 

Stunning prose excepted, what I've enjoyed most about "Harvest" is how unsure I've been from the start where author Jim Crace has been taking me. It's thrilling to be less than 20 pages from the conclusion of his 2013 novel with little idea how it will end. It's usually OK when films about underdog sports teams or inspiring teachers end exactly how you expect them to end. But books that formulaic or predictable annoy me more than DJs who think they're musicians.

If any of you have read "Harvest" and can recall, please tell me what you thought was going to happen and when you thought it. And then tell me if you were right. As soon as this post is published, I'm returning to page 188, right after Walter ingests the wild mushrooms. I won't spoil the ending for anyone who hasn't read it as long as you promise to point me toward another book of this quality that will keep me guessing without manipulating me like a cheap thriller.

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